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City of Rome

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Walter Venturini is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and tango DJ. He began his tango studies in 2002. His teachers were Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida; Claudio Villagra and Romina Levin; and Alejandra Mantiñán. He has also studied the theatricality of tango with Argentine choreographer Silvia Vladimivsky. He often combines the work of teacher and dancer with that of a DJ; he has d-jayed in Buenos Aires and in many international festivals in Italy and abroad. He has played music throughout Italy and is resident DJ of important Roman milongas, including Tanguera, where he became the successor to the great master Felix Picherna. He has given tango courses in Rome, London, Naples, Chieti and Latina; in all classes he emphasizes the “queer” aspect of Tango—free of any obligation to adhere to pre-conceived roles based on gender. Since 2013, with his male dance partner Cristiano Bramani, founder of Tango Queer Rome, he has offered Queer Tango classes in Rome and produced Malquerida, the first queer milonga in Italy. Also with Cristiano Bramani he has participated as an artist in the Rome Tango Festivals of 2013, 2014 and 2015, and in the 2014 International Queer Tango Festival of Berlin. He has also taught Queer Tango courses in Naples with Aonikén Quiroga. He has participated as a dancer and/or choreographer in the shows Bésame Mucho, Otra Luna and Efecto Tango, which were part of the Tango Cabaret Festival, of which he was also artistic director. He is currently dancing in the show Tango Boheme, in which he is also choreographer, with his current female dance partner Sabrina García. They are also part of the company Naturalis Labor in the show Romeo and Juliet Tango, a combination of tango and contemporary dance that has played in the most important Italian theaters. He has performed in Europe with world-renowned artists including Aonikén Quiroga, Leandro Palou and Pablo García. He is also the organizer, always with Cristiano Bramani, of la deGENERE, the first Italian queer tango marathon.



Christian Bramani was trained as a classical dancer and after a short career in Roman ballet companies, including the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, arrived in Buenos Aires with a passion for tango and Latin American folklore. Tango serves as the bridge between Italy and Argentina. His curiosity isn’t limited to a single teacher and style, but guides his constant desire to know all forms of the aesthetics and philosophy of tango. He has taught tango in Rome since 2004. His work focuses on listening to each other, in developing the sensitivity and the ability to offer and receive at the same time, regardless of role, so that each person can express him/herself in a constant dialogue, in a complete and bidirectional relationship. In one of his trips to Buenos Aires he discovered in Queer Tango the sense of a tango free of gender stereotypes and fixed, assigned roles: as Italy is far behind on this issue, he understands that tango can help change a culture so far behind in the inclusion and acceptance of diversity. He started the first classes of queer tango in Rome and later founded the Rome Queer Tango Association, a project that has brought nights of queer tango to the most important milongas of Rome, leading to the creation in early 2013 of the first regular Italian queer milonga: the Malquerida. He has danced and taught with several Argentine and Italian male couples in Italian milongas and in Italian and European festivals (Rome, Stockholm, Berlin). In 2013, meeting Walter Venturini completed the project: with him he organized the Malquerida and the Rome Queer Tango project, teaching and dancing together in Italy and abroad. In 2016 they organized “deGENERE“, the first Italian queer tango marathon.