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Fifí Tango

Fifi Tango is a theatrical orchestra of dissident and diverse tango that includes different LGBTIQ expressions, seeking to make visible a message of love, respect and equality through the popular music of Buenos Aires.
They will appear at the International Queer Tango Festival with singer Moisés Delgado, the tanguera drag queen Shirley Diamante and guitarist Gastón Mayol.

Minouche Von Marabou

Award-winning Burlesque Artist.

Los herederos del compás

The group was established in mid-2009, with the aim of recreating the style of one of the greatest orchestras in the history of tango, that of Juan D’Arienzo. Its singer, Pablo Ramos, son of the last singer of the Rey del Compás (King of Compás), Osvaldo Ramos, carries on this interest with the input of young and talented musicians of the genre. They contribute to the style a freshness and adaptation that has today earned the ensemble great public recognition and esteem as one of the elite orchestras of the milonguero circuit of the city of Buenos Aires.


Opustango Quinteto

Opustango Quinteto is a tango music group based in the city of Buenos Aires, made up of young musicians with extensive training and recognized achievement. The quintet mainly performs tangos, waltzes and milongas with its own musical arrangements. However, they also often recreate orchestral versions belonging to the so-called “golden age” of tango. The quintet’s special sonority is due to the solo role of each member. Yet the group still retains the sense of ensemble, and also incorporates the clarinet (unusual for the genre). Their repertoire is varied, including composers from the beginning of the 20th century (such as Agustín Bardi, Eduardo Arolas), up through Carlos Di Sarli, Julián Plaza, Mariano Mores (among others), to creators of the last few decades (Nicolás Ledesma, Raúl Garello, Astor Piazzolla, etc.). Opustango Quinteto performs in various Argentine salóns and is producing its first recording, to be released shortly.
MEMBERS: Clarinet: Uriel Kaufman, Violin: Rodrigo Beraldi, Bandoneón: Nicolás Maceratesi, Double bass: Karen Sano, Piano, musical arrangements and direction: Juan Gabriel Romano

Augusto – DJ

yoAugusto Balizano
Monday 13th at Bar Los Laureles
Welcome meeting
Av Gral Iriarte 2290  – 9:00 pm

Mariana – DJ

marianadjMariana Docampo
Wednesday 15th at El tacuari
Drag king and queen tango party
Tacuari 1557 – 23:00hs