Sidney & Claudio

Sidney Grant & Claudio Vidal
Wednesday 15th at El tacuari
Drag king and queen tango party
Tacuari 1557 – 11:00 pm


Sidney B. Grant and Claudio Marcelo Vidal are truly trailblazers as out and proud men in both traditional and LGBTQ tango. Sidney was the first-ever openly gay man (and first North American) to win the USA Argentine Tango Championship in New York City in 2011. Two years later, Claudio was the first male follower in the history of the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires to wear heels, reported by prominent press, including Argentina’s Clarín and La Nación.Together, in 2016, they were the first-ever male couple in the history of the USA Tango Championships in San Francisco (pictured above), making it all the way to the finals! Their subtle, close embrace style and musicality has captivated audiences and students throughout the Unites States, at special events in Washington DC, Boston, Portland, Hudson, San Francisco and dozens of milongas and workshops in New York City, including the first and second Queer Tango Weekends in NYC, and workshops at the debut DC Out festival.Sidney was one of the judges for Argentine Tango at the last Gay Games in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to his teaching with Claudio, he has taught in Hong Kong, Paris, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Greece, London, Mexico, and is excited to be teaching at the very first Tango Marathon in Capetown, South Africa in December.Other notable performances include a PBS special on the famous USS United States of America in Philadelphia, and a guest appearance at Strictly Tango in NYC which was reported by the New York TImes in an article on the advent of Queer Tanog, where Claudio and Sidney appeared on the cover of its Weekend Arts section in September, 2015:




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