Anahí Carballo

Born in San Francisco (Córdoba), Anahí Carballo is Professor in Native Dances, C.I.A.D. (Inter-American Confederation of Dance); Tango Dance Instructor, C.E.T.B.A (Education Center of Buenos Aires Tango); Interpreter of Folkdance and Tango, U.N.A. (National University of the Arts) and is studying toward a degree in Folklore, concentrating in Folk Dancing and Tango, at U.N.A. As a dancer she performed at the opening of the 2010 Cosquín Festival, together with the “Gran Ballet Argentino de Córdoba” on the great stage Atahualpa Yupanqui, and was guest choreographer for the opening of the PreCosquín Festival in 2016. For five years she was a member of the “Mestizo Project” Company, directed by Gaby Fabro, specializing in the disciplines of Afro-contemporary and modern Cuban dance. She has studied music, theater, classical dance, contemporary and urban dance. She is currently a teacher, dancer and choreographer of folk dancing and tango. She specializes in women’s Malambo, tango with the exchange of roles, and the fusion of popular dance with dance technique. She is the director and choreographer of the independent group “Tango for Women.” Three years ago she began working as a judge in various Folklore and Tango competitions, as well as serving on the examining board of different professorships in the country’s interior.



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