Workshops schedule




Festival classes will take place Mariposita Studio, Carlos Calvo 950 – San Telmo – Buenos Aires
Programming is subject to change according to the needs of the organization

Monday, 14 12:00 pm. Claudio González: How to work on disosiation keeping the embrace connection
Monday, 14 1:30 pm. Milena Plebs & Aurora Lúbiz: In tune with your partner, dancefloor circulation
Monday, 14 3:00 pm. Augusto Balizano: Both Roles barridas , combination for the dancefloor

Tuesday, 15 12:00 pm. Gabriela Elías:  Basic combinations of Traspie Milonga. Rebotes and Corridas
Tuesday, 15 1:30 pm. Jonathan Spitel: Connection and perception of roles in Salon Tango
Tuesday, 15 3:00 pm. Aurora Lúbiz: Both roles technich, disosiation exercises. forward and backwards ochos

Wednesday, 16 12:00 pm. Aurora Lúbiz: Both roles technich, Sacadas and circulation on the dancefloor
Wednesday, 16 1:30  Pedro “El Indio” Benavente:
Wednesday, 16 3:00 pm. Claudio González: Body torsion for giros and ochos applied in combinations

Thursday, 17 12:00 pm. Gabriela Elías: Complex combinations giros and rythmical changes. Decorations
Thursday, 17 1:30 pm. Mariana Docampo: Tango in Milonguero Style
Thursday, 17 3:00 pm. Jonathan Spitel: Dinamics combination for both roles

Friday, 18 12:00 pm. Juampy Ramirez: Musicality, Interpretation and musical expression.
Friday, 18 1:30 pm. Astrid Weiske: Vals – Circular motions Creating rhytmical pleasure and Rotation within the Vals
Friday, 18 3:00 pm. Mariana Docampo: Giros and Sacadas – Giros in both directions

Saturday, 19 12:00 pm. Soledad Nani: Playing with ochos. Playing with the dialogue
Saturday, 19 1:30 pm. Walter Venturini & Cristiano Bramani: Di Sarli vs. D´Arienzo
Saturday, 19 3:00 pm. Augusto Balizano & Alejandro Villalobos: Comunication + Technich : Unbeateable formula








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