Pre- milonga lessons

Wednesday 14th
Milonga La Marshall – Yatay 961
pre-milonga lesson 20:30hs.:Lucas de Buenos Aires

Lucas De BuenosAires was taught tango in true porteño fashion, first by family in Buenos Aires, and then in its milongas. A lifetime later, that knowledge and passion continues to be explored and shared. Lucas continues to study both in Buenos Aires and through frequent travel, seeking exposure to everything from traditional canyengue to intercambio/fusion.Since beginning to teach in Buenos Aires, Lucas has brought tango to the people of Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Hamburg, London, Mexico City, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris, Portland, Reykjavik, Rome, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, The Hague, Valencia, and Zürich. An avid follower and leader, this versatile dancer has been a guest artist, repeat instructor and performer at International Festivals in Berlin, London, Mexico, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, at both the “Festival Internacional de Tango Queer ” and “The Marathon,” the Portland Alternative Tango Festival, and St. Petersburg, Russia.Lucas De BuenosAires specializes in original and creative classes, such as “World Cup Tango (Tango lessons from Fútbol),” “Can’t even Think Straight (Navigation for switch dancers),” “Boleos for Boys,” “What’s up with Biagi?” and the well known “First Steps to Tango Heaven” in Berlin. A consummate club kid since the age of 13, Lucas has never shied away from adventure. Lucas continues to seek opportunities for creative expression and made a first appearance on the big screen in a 2014 feature film followed by a music video in Moscow in 2016 and a short film in Berlin in 2017.


edgarFriday 16th

Club La Salsera – Yatay 961
pre-milonga lesson 20:30hs.: Edgardo Fernández Sesma






Sunday 18th
Bar Los Laureles – Av. Gral Iriarte 2290 – Buenos Aires
Closing Milonga
pre-milonga lesson 19:30hs: Olga Besio








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